Assymterical Supercapacitor

What is Assymetrical Supercapacitor

Also reffered to as Pseudocapacitor, assymetrical Supercapacitor is a hybrid between a battery and an electric double layer capacitor. Unlike EDLC Supercapacitor which haves symetrical electrodes, assymetrical supercapacitor consist of seperate predefined anode, and cathode. Charge storage occurs by chemical and electrostatic means.

The pseudocapacitor cobines best of both the worlds of BATTERY and SUPERCAPACITOR. quick release of energy via an electrostatic mechanism (like an ultracapacitor) and higher storage capacity via an electrochemical mechanism (like a battery).

SPEL pseudocapacitor have approximately 2 to 3 times more energy density as compared to convectional Supercapacitors of similar physical dimensions.

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