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SPEL SmartKvar Range

SmartKvar is proprietory of SPEL. The SmartKvar ranges Nano-SmartKvar for Home and Small commercial Establishment, Detuned APFC/Normal APFC and SmartKvar Harmonic Filter for Industrial Application. All SmartKvar range features SPEL Ultra Low ESR Capacitor.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is an energy saving technology that is used to improve the operating efficiency of electrical power systems. Applied correctly, Power Factor Correction can reduce electricity costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.


This SmartKvar range is developed for Domestic

and small commercial establishment for use with Single Phase and Three Phase Load upto 7KW. Nano-SmartKvar continuously targets and controls your reactive power consumption and converts your gadgets/white goods in network into Energy-efficient network, resulting in lowering in Electric Utility Bills. Apart from Power Saving Nano-SmartKvar features added saftey, it serves as Over and Undervoltage Cut-Off, Trips Power-supply in case of Accidental interface of human with Electric Shock or in case of any short-circuit in load network. Nano-SmartKvar also features ON-Delay in case of Power-Restore


SmartKvar-APFC is preprogramed to targets and maintain given power factor to unity, by monitoring and comparing the phase angle between the supply voltage and current. Capacitors in case of normal or predefined Capacitor + Reactor combinations are switched into and out of circuit as required to maintain the target power factor. These SmartKvar Normal or Detuned Panels are custom designed for application on industrial, commercial, and utility power systems that require medium voltage power factor correction, var and voltage support, and mitigation from harmonic resonance or harmonic distortion. These are configurable as fixed or automatic controlled with 1 or more stages as required. SmartKvar features Lowest Self Consumption.

SmartKvar-Harmonic Filter

Harmonic Filter SmartKvar features combination of power components that includes resistors, inductors and capacitors. The combination is tuned for a specific frequency of interest. Multiple filters may be used if more than one frequency needs to be removed, or at higher voltages, double tuned filters may be used to minimise the number of components required

1. NORMAL DUTY CAPACITOR:For normal loads upto 5 KVAr mainly for agriculture and small establishments.

2. INDUSTRIAL DUTY CAPACITOR:For normal Industrial use with linear loads

3. EXTREME DUTY CAPACITOR:This is ULTRA LOW ESR technology specially for Industries with non-linear Loads.

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